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Initial Assessment

Initial assessment fees start at £100. They take place either at your home, Sage Therapy Centre or online and include the following

CASE HISTORY - This is a detailed discussion regarding your child's development. We discuss things such as medical history, developmental milestones and parental concerns. 

INTERESTS - I like to start getting to know your child by hearing about their unique interests, what they enjoy and what makes them them!

OBSERVATION/ASSESSMENT - I will begin building a picture of your child's communication skills by using appropriate assessment. Depending on their age and skills I may use formal and/or informal assessments to look deeper into their communication skills. I also use video as a routine part of their assessment so I can see them communicating in a more natural environment. See below for more detailed assessment info.



Teacher & Student


I enjoy creating individualised therapy that feels natural and fits with your lifestyle. I therefore only use approaches that I believe truly allow me to do this.

My most effective intervention is VERVE Interaction. It uses child led play to build language through natural interactions. 

It is recommended that you do at least a  4 week 'block' followed by at least one check in session a month later. 

You can sign up on a session by session basis or you can choose the package. See below for fees and details.


All therapy is charged at £75 per hour

Travel to home, nursery or school, within a 10 mile radius of my base (NG5) is free. 

Travel further than this will be charged at £0.50p per extra mile. 

Online sessions are always available at no extra costs.

VERVE requires no additional resources and therefore the session costs will never change. Other interventions may require an initial set up of resources and therefore incur extra charges.

The first hour of resource making is free and anything over this will be charged at my hourly rate.

VERVE Interaction Package £500

5X Therapy sessions and summary report  - This involves watching recordings of the adult and child interacting. At the end of therapy you will be provided with a summary report. 

2X Check-in sessions - Check-in sessions provide ongoing support after the initial intensive therapy has ended. It is a recommended part of VERVE. 


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Adult Education Course

Information for Education Settings

What I offer


I offer a range of 'ready to go' and bespoke training. Training can be delivered face to face or online. Please get in touch to discuss topics and prices.

VERVE interaction package:
This is offered to parents and staff. It is available for education staff with a 25% discount if more than two members of staff sign up.

Observation/Assessment sessions:
With parental consent I might carry out observational/assessment sessions in settings to inform my assessment and therapy.

Please get in touch to discuss how we can work together to best meet the needs of the child.


I saw the changes immediately. It only took a couple of months for my son to go from sporadic single words to full sentences. It allowed him to make more friends and he was less frustrated. Admitting something was wrong and seeking support was hard for us, but Erin made us feel really supported and comfortable through our journey. "

Parent of 2.5yr old 2017

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